Bouchet’s amazing Kingmaker Chronicles books have all been leading towards the final inevitable showdown between Cat Fisa and her murderous and powerful mother, the Queen of Thalyria. Throughout this fantastic series, Bouchet’s ability to utilize various gods and myths while creating her own unique world is most impressive. As they struggle against magic, gods and fate, her characters are touchingly flawed, relatable and oh so unforgettable. It is not often that a new talent has the kind of impact Bouchet has made with her debut fantasy romance series … and when they do, readers should take note! Heart on Fire is a fantastic conclusion to a spectacular series. Bravo!

Touched by the gods and forced by destiny, Cat Fisa knows she must confront her vicious mother if she is to save those she loves and their world. In love with warrior Griffin Sinta and carrying their child, Cat knows that her mother will strike soon, but what she doesn’t expect is for treachery to also come from another direction. If they are to save and reunite the realms, Cat is going to have to face up to and learn about her heritage and the power that resides deep within her. She has been called Elpis (or hope) by the people, can she live up to that concept? Cat has always been a fighter who doesn’t give up … she will need every ounce of that grit and determination if she is to triumph! (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith