Sinead’s romantic suspense is perfectly suited for NA fans and lovers of love. This one is a true thriller containing more than a few plot twists, which are dizzying, yet the passionate tale embedded within will keep readers on their toes. This unique read — containing a boatload of likable characters and a few spine-tingling chills — plays out like a mystery movie on the big screen. The author really keeps readers guessing with each flip of the page — and it gets more and more exciting all the way up to the last chapter, which has the potential to make jaws drop.

Senior year at Poe University couldn’t come fast enough for Quinn. Her art major probably won’t get her far, but at least she can say she made it through four years of too much studying and not enough partying. Her biggest dreams of spending time with her bestie, Mandy, and canoodling with Rashid, her latest crush, are cut short when Luke strolls into the picture. He moved back home to care for his dying sister and seems a little too jovial considering his circumstances. Suddenly, a strange epidemic hits the campus, turning everyone’s eyes purple. People begin to question what it could be, maybe a virus — something evil — or possibly a side effect from a party drug. The town immediately blames the students of the university, but when a friend of Quinn’s dies, she must uncover the truth. It looks like Luke is the first one to fess up, and when he does, Quinn has to decide whether to trust in him or walk away before she’s in the line of danger herself. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi