Image of Her True Match (X-Ops)


Image of Her True Match (X-Ops)

This is the best entry of Tyler’s X-Ops series so far as the DCO searches for more shifters and hybrids and the excitement level is cranked up to new heights. The newest set of partners are as incongruous as possible, but they are a charming couple who will capture readers’ hearts. The powers that control the agency are cold-blooded, and death and mayhem are par for the course.

Dreya Clark is a feline shifter who is also a cat burglar (no pun intended). MCP detective Braden Hayes has been after her for years, and when he finally arrests her, the DCO swoops in and snatches her away. But Braden has learned to trust his instincts and knows that there is more to her transfer to federal custody. What follows is the story of their growing bond as the solo thief is paired up with the no-nonsense detective for training, which can and does lead to a new and more productive life for Dreya. Meanwhile, the other field agents are still trying to shut down the doctors who are creating hybrid shifters. The cruel program must be stopped, but familiar faces are in extreme danger as the series barrels forward and sets up the next shift in the direction of the agency. (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins