Image of Hidden: A Novel (Keep Her Safe)


Image of Hidden: A Novel (Keep Her Safe)

Clare’s debut is a gripping romantic thriller that will capture readers from the onset. With a vivid, imaginative plot steeped in intrigue and mystery and sharp, distinctive characters, Clare creates a compelling story. Ellie is appealing with her blend of grit and vulnerability and Will is a smart, tough, protective, mercurial alpha hero with a dark side. Ellie and Will’s whirlwind romance is passionate, riveting and intense. Clare deftly blends danger and romance in an exciting way that will keep readers turning the pages.

Ellie James arrives home one night to find her sister and grandmother lying in a pool of blood and her young niece, Lissie, hiding in a closet. From there, Ellie’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds Will Hastings, the devastatingly handsome stranger she spotted earlier in town, also in the house. He claims he is there to protect her from assassins. For their safety, Will suggests taking Ellie and Lissie to England to hide where he can best protect them. Realizing how much she is in danger after a recent attack on her life, a stunned Ellie agrees. There is an intense connection between Ellie and Will from the start that binds them together. Now in England, as Will keeps Ellie protected, secrets about Ellie’s family and lineage come to light as the danger intensifies around her. Ellie finds herself fighting to stay alive as she discovers the truth about herself. (SPARKPRESS, Jun., 328 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates