Image of High as the Heavens


Image of High as the Heavens

What a thrill ride! Breslin's latest has non-stop action and intrigue set in the fascinating time period of World War I. The characters are detailed and realistic, reflecting emotions that speak to a broad audience in any era. The storyline is intricately plotted and filled with incredible detail that will keep readers engaged and desperate to know what will happen. The romance is tender and the historical events are captivating, making this a book that is not to be missed.

Evelyn Marche is a nurse serving in German occupied Brussels in 1917. She acts as though she is loyal to the Germans, but she is secretly working for the resistance. Widowed early in the war, Evelyn puts her head down and does what she can to help the allies. One night, a British plane crashes into the park, and Evelyn recognizes Simon Forrester — her husband. She risks everything to hide him and his mission from the Germans, but the danger grows worse by the day and they do not know who they can trust. (BETHANY HOUSE, Jun., 400 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel