Image of The Highland Duke (Lords of the Highlands)


Image of The Highland Duke (Lords of the Highlands)

Jarecki makes her traditional publishing debut with an action-packed Highland adventure set against the backdrop of the Jacobite rebellion and puts readers right into an exciting romance. Though Jarecki’s characters are typical of the time and place, and the plotline classic, the story will resonate with readers and have them eagerly awaiting the next Lords of the Highlands installment.

Healer Akira Ayres is searching Hoord Moor for survivors of a vicious battle when she comes upon a wounded Highlander. She works to remove the bullet in his leg and save his life. Geordie, the Duke of Gordon, may be near death, but he cannot let Akira learn his true name or her life will be in danger. When they are spotted by his Redcoat enemies, Geordie decides to bring Akira along with him on his way home. From one heart-pounding ride to the next, Akira and Geordie find themselves drawn to one another, and Geordie will do whatever it takes to keep Akira by his side. While hunted by the British, they must also stave off Geordie’s ex-wife’s schemes, the difference in their stations and rumors of witchcraft. But it isn’t until Akira’s life hangs in the balance that Geordie risks it all to make her his own. (FOREVER, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin