Image of His Last Name


Image of His Last Name

In His Last Name, we are privy to the shenanigans, love, heartbreak, treachery, perks and woes of five ordinary women who deliberately seek to be more. We assume these women are gold diggers who use their God-given assets to attach themselves to the assets of wealthy athletes and celebrities. Yet Poole adeptly shows the underbelly of such relationships. Nevertheless, His Last Name gives homage to the words of wisdom so many women hear when chasing a man: Be careful what you ask for. What is a woman’s love worth? Poole provides us entertaining and engaging answers in this well-paced, drama-packed novel.

Monique’s son’s induction into the NBA is her big payoff. His teammate is her bonus and quagmire. While Zakiya is delving into her new spiritual awakening in a local church, her nemesis Shanice, a video vixen, schemes to reawaken Zakiya’s husband’s appetite for her. When Tiffany’s husband’s NFL career ends, he squanders millions. She decides to move on, only to be snared by his desperation. Adrienne’s ex-husband left the NFL and their marriage, but his vindictiveness pushes her to choose her welfare over morality. (DAFINA, Oct., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton