Historical Fiction Book Reviews

Image of The Summer Wives: A Novel

The summer of 1951 is a turning point for Miranda Schuyler. It is when her mother marries Hugh Fisher and she arrives on Winthrop Island. Isobel Fi... Read More

Image of The Devil Take Tomorrow

Forced to flee war-ravaged New York, rebel sympathizer Maddie Graves is traveling to Philadelphia with her stepmother and powerful Loyalist uncle,... Read More

Image of The Patchwork Bride: A Novel

Grandma Ellen is making a quilt from old family wedding dresses for her soon-to-be-wed granddaughter June. That’s when June arrives with news she i... Read More

Image of Fools and Mortals: A Novel

After years of estrangement and mistreatment at the school he attended, Richard Shakespeare heads for London and his brother’s playhouse. He is alr... Read More

Image of The Subway Girls: A Novel

In 1949 Charlotte dreams of completing college and working in advertising, but when her father demands she work in the family business, Charlotte f... Read More

Image of The English Wife: A Novel

To outsiders it appears Annabelle and Bayard Van Duyvil have the perfect life. They wed in London, have twins and their home on the banks of the Hu... Read More

Image of Tiffany Blues: A Novel

Struggling art student Jenny Bell is given an opportunity to join a small group of artists for an eight week semester at Louis Comfort Tiffany’s es... Read More

After years of estrangement, Frances Marion decides to visit the ailing Mary Pickford. Frances finds Mary on her deathbed and recalls the day they... Read More

Image of Ike and Kay: A Novel

It is 1942 when General Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives in London to strategically plan the Allies next move with Churchill. He is assigned a driver w... Read More

Image of The Road to Bittersweet

Wallis Ann Stamper’s family has lived in Stamper Creek forever. Then a hurricane forces the family to flee. When their truck is caught in the flood... Read More

Image of Speakeasy: A Novel

During WWII Lena works for the Canadian government breaking Japanese coded messages. Though she is dedicated and loyal she fears her past as a gang... Read More

Image of Ziegfeld Girls

Having grown up like sisters, Suzanne and Jada leave their hometown with dreams of making it on Broadway. They are both talented, smart and beautif... Read More

Image of Between Earth and Sky

In 1906 Alma Mitchell reads of the murder of a Federal agent. It is the killer’s name that sends chills down her spine: Harry Muskrat (Asku), her c... Read More

Image of Dangerous Crossing: A Novel

Lily Shepherd has left tragedy behind to travel to Australia to find work. She views this voyage as an adventure, and quickly discovers that at sea... Read More

Image of Love and Ruin: A Novel

Martha Gellhorn is remembered as a great journalist and the only woman to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day — but when she met Hemingway in... Read More

Image of Anne and Charles: Passion and Politics in Late Medieval France: The Story of Anne of Brittany's Marriage to Charles VIII (Anne of Brittany Series Book 1)

From the moment Anne of Brittany comes into power as ruler of her duchy, she feels nothing but betrayal and mistrust for the French. It is in the i... Read More

Image of Shadow Child

Following a horrific incident in a cave, Hana leaves her mother and twin sister in Hawaii to make a new life in New York City. The aftermath of the... Read More

Image of Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel
As an elderly man caring for his wife, Ernest Young thinks upon past incidents that led him to the present. He recalls his mother who, unable to... Read More
Image of Come from Away

While Grace Baker mourns her brother dying in France, rumors fly that enemy submarines are near. But life must go on, she still has her family and... Read More

Image of You Were There Before My Eyes: A Novel
Giovanna feels stifled in her small Italian village and welcomes the opportunity to marry Giovanni and emigrate to Henry Ford’s America. The newl... Read More
Image of CIRCE (#1 New York Times bestseller)

Child of a Titan and a water nymph, Circe is treated with disdain by her family as she appears more mortal than godlike. Circe is there when Promet... Read More

Image of A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge)
Young Ned Willard returns home from Antwerp with one thought on his mind — to see his beloved Margery Fitzgerald. The Fitzgeralds are Catholic in... Read More
Image of I Was Anastasia: A Novel

Beginning at the end of her life and moving towards her childhood, Anna Anderson relays her struggle to prove she is the Princess Anastasia, the la... Read More

Image of Enchantress of Numbers: A Novel of Ada Lovelace
As the daughter of romantic poet Lord Byron and mathematician Anne Milbank, Ada Byron could have become a writer, but her embittered, disillusion... Read More
Image of The Balcony

Brigette, an American “finding herself,” is hired as an au pair and finds herself drawn to the owner, Hugo. It is her desire to help him heal his t... Read More

Image of Displaced: A Novel
Convinced his scientist brother didn’t die in a concentration camp, Elias Lind hires Lilya Wasserfall, a member of the Palestine Resistance, to l... Read More
Image of The Magnificent Esme Wells: A Novel

As the child of small-time gambler Ike Silver and dancer Dina Wells, eight-year-old Esme Wells knows how to catch Bugsy Siegel’s eye in an attempt... Read More

Image of Secrets of Cavendon: A Novel (Cavendon Hall)
WWII has been over for four years, but its repercussions are still being felt. Though Lady Cecily’s couture business is in financial trouble, the... Read More
Image of My Dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

As the beloved daughter of an American general, Elizabeth Schuyler is a true patriot. The most unassuming Schuyler sister, she is intelligent and e... Read More

Image of The It Girls: A Novel
Lucy and Elinor Sutherland live in poverty in England, but once they meet famed actress Lillie Langtry, they have plans to change their lives. Dr... Read More
Image of One House Over (The Neighbors Series)

Marrying Joyce is Odell Watson’s ticket to rising out of poverty. Thanks to her privileged upbringing, he’s now a respected businessman. Joyce is a... Read More

Image of The Revolution of Marina M. (A Novel)
Marina Makarova is an advantaged teenager heady with angst and romantic ideals. In love with her brother’s best friend, she allows herself to be... Read More
Image of Promise: A Novel

When a devastating tornado blows through Tupelo, Mississippi, on Palm Sunday, over 2,000 people perish. Among the survivors is laundress Dovey, who... Read More

Image of The Wardrobe Mistress: A Novel of Marie Antoinette

Giselle Aubry, one of the women whose job is to care for Marie Antoinette’s fabulous wardrobe and jewels, is a woman with a dual purpose. For her,... Read More

Image of The Good at Heart: A Novel

The outbreak of WWII compels the Eberhardts to move from Berlin to Blumental, a small town on the Swiss border. As a member of Hitler’s cabinet, Os... Read More

Image of Unforgivable Love: A Retelling of Dangerous Liaisons

When beautiful, affluent, clever Mae Malveaux wants a bit of revenge, she calls Val Jackson and offers him a proposition. In order to get back at h... Read More

Image of Bachelor Girl: A Novel by the Author of Orphan #8

Helen Winthrope Weyant is an aspiring actress but because of her recent illness, her dreams may never come true. She does her best to be part of th... Read More

Image of The Last Ballad: A Novel

The summer of 1929 is hard for factory workers in the southern US, and Ella May is no exception. As the sole source of income for her and her child... Read More

Image of The Darkling Bride: A Novel

Times have changed and the Gallagher family has decided to donate the Deeprath Castle library to the National Trust. Carragh, a graduate student, i... Read More

Elizabeth Schuyler meets General George Washington’s aide Alexander Hamilton during a party at her family’s home. He is so unlike the privileged yo... Read More

Image of The Cloister: A Novel

Abelard and Héloïse’s intellectual relationship, doomed love and punishment leave many people, including historian Rachel Vedette, in awe. Which is... Read More

When WWI breaks out, journalist Evie Elliott, her brother Will and friend Thomas Harding believe the war will be over in time for them to celebrate... Read More

Image of Gods of Howl Mountain: A Novel

Rory Docherty returns from the Korean War wounded in body and spirit, but also haunted by what happened to his mother. The woman never spoke a word... Read More

Image of The Vineyard: A Novel

Years of hard work and sacrifice come to a sudden end when Mexican silver mine owner Mauro Larrea loses everything by investing in the “wrong side”... Read More

Image of As Bright as Heaven
Following the death of her infant son, Pauline Bright accepts her husband’s idea that they move to Philadelphia where he can work in her uncle’s... Read More
Nora Leary has been the sole caretaker of her invalid grandson, Michael, since her daughter’s death. Suddenly, her husband, Martin, collapses and... Read More
Image of Carnegie's Maid: A Novel
Clara Kelley is not the experienced lady’s maid she claims to be, but a poor Irish farmer’s daughter recently arrived in the United States. Clara... Read More
Image of The Cottingley Secret: A Novel
Olivia Kavanaugh finds an old manuscript in her deceased grandfather’s bookshop that leads her on a fantastic journey back to 1917 and two cousin... Read More
Image of Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers
Two years ago Violet Iverson’s husband went missing, and she senses her daughter, Ella, knows something about his disappearance, but is too scare... Read More
Image of Caroline: Little House, Revisited
Caroline Ingalls marries for love knowing that her husband is a dreamer. Because of their deep love, she picks up her family and home to move fro... Read More