Hart paints the results of Heath and Effie’s kidnapping with a skillful brush in her astute interpretation of events. Her development of the complex characters complements the emotional and raw story. Polly’s sweetness and curiosity offset the agony the protagonists endure.

Heath and Effie are kidnapped as teenagers by a sociopath who insists they call him “Daddy.” He abuses Heath physically and puts both of them through physical and mental hell in a basement prison. They eventually turn to each other for comfort and retreat into carnal pleasure. Now grown, they share a love/hate relationship steeped in passion. Heath is not the father of Effie’s daughter, Polly, although everyone assumes he is. Effie’s mother adds an unhealthy dynamic to the picture. Effie also has sex-only hookups with the cop who arrested the kidnapper. She is attempting to start a normal life with a regular guy who treats her kindly. But she’s not used to that and still yearns for the kink Heath provides. Meanwhile, Heath is developing a relationship with Polly that discomfits Effie. (MIRA, Dec., 352 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown