Image of A Hope Divided (The Loyal League)


Image of A Hope Divided (The Loyal League)

Brace yourself for another amazing installment in Cole's The Loyal League series! A Hope Divided features plenty of twists and turns that make Marlie's family secrets as surprising to the reader as they are to her. The addition of Marlie’s mother's memoir is perfection, as it serves to both inform the reader of Marlie’s family history and to strengthen her bond with Ewan as he helps her to translate the text. In addition to the obstacles produced by the war raging around them, Marlie and Ewan must work together to assuage personal insecurities before claiming their HEA.

In A Hope Divided we meet the youngest McCall brother, Ewan, and the masterful scientist and healer Marlie. Like Malcolm, Ewan is a Union soldier, but his vocation is a bit more violent than spying, and he's gained a formidable enemy among the Rebels. Marlie meets Ewan while donating her time and expertise to help heal prisoners of war. Whispered conversations and notes passed through library books help to forge a connection between the two, but it is only after Ewan escapes from prison and Marlie’s life is threatened that they come to realize what an incredible team they make. (KENSINGTON, Nov., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kristin Stec