Image of Hot in Hellcat Canyon


Image of Hot in Hellcat Canyon

A mash-up of celebrity drama and small-town quirkiness, perfectly timed comedic dialogue and a balance of truly romantic tenderness are all hallmarks of Long’s Pennyroyal Green books, and it turns out that those things work really well in a contemporary American West setting, too. Readers will love the nerdy word-play that sparks JT and Britt’s initial attraction, and then find themselves hooked by the slow, sweet reveal of their vulnerabilities. The way this couple truly sees past each other’s defenses and connects to the genuine person inside is irresistible. There’s just the right amount of detail to seed a little curiosity for future books.

Hellcat Canyon may seem far off the beaten path, but it’s not too far from the bright lights of Hollywood. When JT passes through, he’s only looking for a good burger and a good mechanic. Finding Britt gives him a whole new reason to extend his stay, but the drama that follows him is larger than life. Britt is attached to the small town of Hellcat Canyon and its colorful residents, and has her own reasons to guard her heart. Their attraction sizzles, but bridging their lifestyle gap will require more than they expect to give. (AVON, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Nicola Onychuk