Image of Hottest Mess (SIN)


Image of Hottest Mess (SIN)

Kenner’s second S.I.N. novel brings readers right back into the middle of her characters’ torrid and troubled relationship. It is impossible to deny the chemistry between these two scandalous lovers; however, in this installment, it is also increasingly difficult to overlook their inability to communicate fully or openly outside of the purely physical. The changes in tense and perspective can prove confusing, but issues of power, consent and dependence abound, making it increasingly difficult to believe that these flawed protagonists can overcome their personal demons, even if they are able to thwart the external threats to their safety and happiness.

Jane and Dallas have spent 18 years denying the scorching passion between them and hiding the scars of their tortured past. But, having given in to their desire, they are trying to make things work together — but only behind closed doors. To the world, Dallas is still the womanizing playboy of legend, and their secrets remain safe. But those secrets have a life of their own, and the secrets that Dallas and Jane share may be strong enough to destroy them both. (BANTAM, Jul., 288 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown