Image of How the Marquess Was Won: Pennyroyal Green Series


Image of How the Marquess Was Won: Pennyroyal Green Series

Wry wit, clever dialogue and charming characters mixed into a delightful plot are exactly what readers expect from Long. She delivers this and more with her utterly delectable battle of the sexes where readers win as they see how an intelligent woman renders a wickedly sexy man into a true hero.

Julien Spenser, Marquess of Dryden (aka Lord Vice), sets fashion for the ton. Few know the reason for his upcoming marriage to Lisbeth Redmond: it is a chance to reclaim his mother’s dower lands lost by his profligate father. But a glimpse of Lisbeth’s companion, Phoebe Vale, a wager and a stolen kiss upend his well-planned life. An orphan and a teacher, Phoebe is unwilling to play into Julien’s hands. Independent and intelligent with a wicked sense of humor, she intrigues Julien — especially when she refuses to become his mistress. Pride pushes them apart, but others notice Julien’s attentions and suddenly Phoebe is the ton’s darling. Julien realizes he is jealous of every man courting her and a battle of wills ensues. Can they both win the war? (AVON, Jan., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin