Kenner’s Most Wanted series is about people who walk a thin line between criminal activity and superstar success, between passionate connections and dangerous desires, between darkness and light. These books succeed because Kenner is willing to walk that line right along with her characters — to probe the darkness that frightens them, to explore the passion that ignites them and to bring readers inside the relationships that set them free. This book is no different. Brutally honest, searing, kinky and seductive, Ignited is a book fans will adore and new readers will find enjoyable as well.

Katrina Laron has been raised and trained by a professional con and delights in all the games she knows how to play. But when she meets Cole August, she finds someone who pushes past her games and brings her to the very brink. Katrina wants nothing more than to explore the connection they share and see how far she and Cole can take each other. But Cole is driven by some fearsome secrets and a lifetime of dark desires that have pushed many away. Katrina is convinced the man is worth the risk — but can she convince him? (BANTAM, Sep., 272 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown