Inspirational Book Reviews

Image of Where Hope Begins

Savannah Barrington’s world collapses when she learns that her husband of over twenty years is an adulterer. With her kids away at school, she is f... Read More

Image of Things I Never Told You (Thatcher Sisters)

Ten years ago, the Thatcher family suffered a tragic blow when an accident claimed the life of their teenaged sister. In the aftermath, Payton comp... Read More

After losing her parents to a cholera epidemic when she was a child, Doctor Rosalind Werner is passionate about using science to fight waterborne d... Read More

Image of Honeysuckle Dreams (A Blue Ridge Romance)

Brady Collins is still adjusting to life as a single dad to nine-month-old Sam after his ex-wife died unexpectedly. Trying to juggle caretakers for... Read More

Catherine believes the new year will bring a proposal from her longtime boyfriend Zach, but when her first love, Elijah, returns abruptly after a l... Read More

Image of My Heart Belongs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado: Millie's Resolve

Millie Cooper has made a nice life for herself in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A nurse “as good as any doctor,” she is a long way from the Nantucket... Read More

Image of The Road to Magnolia Glen (A Natchez Trace Novel)

Kiera Young and her two younger sisters have been shipped off from Ireland to the colonies by their half-sister Charlotte’s husband. Believing she... Read More

Image of Room on the Porch Swing (An Amish Homestead Novel)

Laura doesn’t know how to help her best friend’s widower, Allen, as they both struggle to accept Savilla’s untimely and shocking death, focusing in... Read More

Image of Where the Fire Falls: A Vintage National Parks Novel

On the surface, Olivia Rutherford appears to be a flamboyant watercolor artist with an avant-garde talent and an up-and-coming career. Behind the m... Read More

Orphaned Tanwen dreams of living in the palace, but when her story sculpting goes awry and she is accused of treason, her plans to become a royal s... Read More

Image of More Than Meets the Eye

Evangeline Hamilton’s striking eyes have always been a source of both solace (keeping memories of each parent’s eyes alive) and suffering (endless... Read More

Ada Rupp is not sure she can handle helping with her seven siblings while also working as a teacher for a class of special needs students. The mome... Read More

When he was five years old, Brady Bradshaw's mother sacrificed herself in the Oklahoma City Bombing to save him. He has always wondered why God aba... Read More

Linda Mueller realizes she does not interact much with her family. She is busy with her quilts and job, and she does not have much time for other t... Read More

Elvis tribute artist Vic Vegas approaches Detective Rachel Sloan with the unsolved murder of a good friend. Vic has been investigating the murder a... Read More

Image of No Less Days

David Galloway is wondering why he was chosen to be given the gift of immortality. He has seen and done things he will never forget. He lives as a... Read More

Chloe Daschle has made a name for herself as an actor who dies in every movie. After she reads an amazing script, she wants to do anything she can... Read More

Image of Finding Love on Bainbridge Island, Washington (Washington Island Romance) (Volume 2)

Jenna-Shea Brown suffers from PTSD as a result of something she witnessed. When she goes to move into her family’s beach cabin, she realizes the re... Read More

Image of Defense of Honor (Haven Manor)

When Graham, Lord Wharton, encounters a mysterious woman at a ball, he is intrigued because she seems so different from the other women. She resist... Read More

Image of Lone Witness (Atlanta Justice)

When Prosecutor Sophie Dawson witnesses the murder of two innocent people at a convenience store, she is the sole witness in the case against Ricky... Read More

Image of The Sleuth's Miscalculation (The Librarian Sleuth Book 1)

When Carter Malone moved with his nephew to Tipton, Oregon, he expected a break from dangerous criminals. However, it seems that even small towns h... Read More

Sixteen-year-old Olive Galloway believes her life couldn’t get any worse. First, her mother dies, and then her dad leaves her and her sister at the... Read More

Image of Just Let Go

The flower shop has been in Quinn Collins' blood since she was born. Her earliest memories consist of her, her sister and her mother dancing around... Read More

After being dumped by her fiancé, Dr. Maggie Maguire’s friends book her on a cruise, where she learns she’ll be speaking about “New Year, New You.”... Read More

In “Building Trust,” Grace and Joel have been courting in secret, but Grace’s father is furious when they reveal their engagement. Can Joel find a... Read More

Rachelle Matthews is a young girl living in Eden, Utah. Though blind, she appears to be just like any other girl. Yet after she undergoes a procedu... Read More

Image of Rebel Heart (Daughtry House)

Selah is determined not to give up her family’s plantation in spite of debt and destruction, with the hope of returning the property to its former... Read More

Growing up, twins Waverly and Charlie were always quite close, but following their dreams sent them on courses to different continents. Waverley is... Read More

Image of King's War (The Kinsman Chronicles)

There is no rest for a new king after battle and loss, but Trevn, thrust into a leadership role he never wanted, is now responsible for more than e... Read More

Twelve-year-old Charlotte is determined to play detective after finding the only remaining possessions of her great-aunt, who vanished without a tr... Read More

Image of Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella (An Amish Fairytale)

Kindhearted Ella is relegated to a servant’s role after the death of her father when her self-absorbed stepmother and gossipy stepsisters take adva... Read More

Adelaide Langtry has returned to Whispering Pines with three siblings in her care and the backing to open a new orphanage in her grandmother's old... Read More

Image of The Hawaiian Discovery

Ellen misses her friend, Mandy, who is now living in Hawaii with her husband Ken. When Ellen gets a phone call that Mandy’s husband has been hurt,... Read More

Eliyana Ember tumbles through a wormhole and finds herself in the Third Reflection in a foreign country with no mirrorwalking powers and no idea ho... Read More

Five years into the French and Indian War, Mercy Lytton is a scout. With her keen eyesight, she has prevented a lot of unnecessary deaths and destr... Read More

Image of Worthy

When an earthquake hits their hospital, Dr. Jenny Gordon, Dr. Mark Stewart and Chaplain Joseph Waters form a friendship that will last them through... Read More

Image of The Solace of Water: A Novel

After suffering the loss of a son, Delilah and her family head for a fresh start in Pennsylvania. Her neighbor is Emma Mullet, a young Amish woman.... Read More

Image of Best Kept Secrets

Walker Simmons has been in love with Mitzi for years but he must keep it a secret from everyone because Mitzi is married to his best friend. Walker... Read More

Image of Among the Poppies

Gwyn Ruthers has never been what most would describe as a typical lady in 1915 England. She wants nothing more than to help with the war efforts, b... Read More

Dr. Cash Stetson had everything in life going for him: fantastic career, loving family and great friends. When his life suddenly falls apart, he tu... Read More

Image of Before I Saw You

Jaycee Givens hasn’t had an easy life, and she doesn’t see a better future in sight when she discovers she is pregnant. Jaycee is largely on her ow... Read More

Image of Accidental Guardian (High Sierra Sweethearts)

Deborah Harkness, her younger sister and two toddlers are the only survivors of a deadly attack on their small wagon train. Stranded in the Sierra... Read More

Image of The Hidden Side

In 2016 Natalie Abbott is the host of a popular radio program. She’s able to dole out parenting advice, but listeners don’t realize she’s unable to... Read More

Image of No One Ever Asked: A Novel
Jen Covington is excited to finally have a family after the recent adoption of her daughter, who will be in second grade at the local school, tho... Read More

Liam Berne is heartbroken that his mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and is mentally slipping away every day. He decides the best thing would be... Read More

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for single mother Jenna pops up when she is chosen to attend an intensive artist retreat in Florida for two week... Read More
Image of Send Down the Rain: New from the author of The Mountain Between Us and the New York Times bestseller Where the River Ends

Joseph Brooks survived multiple tours in Vietnam and now lives deep in the woods with his dog. He longs for the life he once strived for as a young... Read More

The Carlson exodus continues as siblings Nilda and Ivar long to join their older brother Rune and his family in America. A lean economy in Norway... Read More

A tornado hits a small Minnesota town where Ben King is playing a concert. He had planned a surprise elopement with Kacey but rushes to a shelter i... Read More

Kate Dearborne is caught between her traditional father (who proudly insists that the weaving traditions remain unchanged) and her more visionary... Read More