INTIMATE BETRAYAL is the newest gem from incomparable author Linda Barlow. Designer Annie Jefferson seems to have it all, both a loving husband and a thriving company called Fabrications. Then disaster strikes when husband Charlie dies of cancer, and Annie is unable to keep the company afloat alone. Annie's one last chance for saving Fabrications is if billionaire businessman Matt Carlyle hires her company, but he refuses.

Matt has serious problems of his own. His troubled marriage to socialite Francesca Carlyle comes to an abrupt end when she is murdered. The police consider Matt the prime suspect and he is arrested and tried for her murder. One year later Matt is finally acquitted, although much of the public still believes him guilty.

After losing more than a year of his life, Matt is unable and unwilling to let the matter rest; someone killed Francesca and he is determined to uncover the truth.

It has taken time but Annie has finally gotten back on her feet. She works for Brody Associates and is now the Project Manager for one of San Francisco's biggest construction projects-the building of the United Path Church's Cathedral.

Annie is dismayed, however, to discover that Matt Carlyle is taking his wife's place as one of the major forces behind the project. The Reverend Barbara Rae Acker has never believed Matt guilty of murder, but suspects danger as strange events and possible sabotage begin to surround the project.

Annie and Matt are soon tied together with bonds of intense attraction, as well as determination to save the Cathedral project. When master craftsman Guisepe Brindesi is murdered, the evidence points towards Matt once again. Is he truly involved or is someone else determined to make him appear so?

INTIMATE BETRAYAL is chock- full of suspense, intrigue and romance. The lives and relationships of all the individuals involved with the Cathedral are clearly defined and fascinatingly complex. A terrific and highly entertaining read. (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith