Image of Invisible Ghosts


Image of Invisible Ghosts

Schneider’s Invisible Ghosts is a triumphant, powerful, supernatural teen coming-of-age story that will have you teary eyed from start to finish. Schneider crafts a beautiful narrative about the complex nature of love and coping with loss of a loved one. Rose is an amazing protagonist — she’s self-aware and wrestles with the realistic struggle about the guilt that can oftentimes accompany healing. Readers will mourn the end of this tale, wishing it could go on forever.

Rose believes in ghosts. She believes because every afternoon after school she watches Netflix with her kid brother, Logan — who has been dead for over a year. While Rose is happy to have the robbed time back, she realizes that she’s growing up and one day she may have to move on. When her old childhood friend, Jamie, moves back to their hometown, things get complicated when she realizes she hasn’t done much living since Logan died. Will Rose choose to join Jamie in the land of the living? Or will she hold on to her brother’s memory forever? (KATHERINE TEGEN, Jun., 320 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Christin Gest