Image of It Happened One Midnight (Pennyroyal Green)


Image of It Happened One Midnight (Pennyroyal Green)

t’s no wonder readers have taken Pennyroyal Green’s inhabitants into their hearts. There’s nothing ordinary about this intensely romantic, heart-tugging, cleverly plotted story. Long’s characters leap from the pages with their witty repartee and passionate personalities. You’ll have a smile on your lips and a tear in your eye when you finish this marvelous tale of lovers from disparate backgrounds who turn out to be perfectly matched.

Literary salon hostess Thomasina de Bellesteros is pursued by the gentlemen of the ton, but she has a few too many secrets to let anyone catch her. Jonathan Redmond is a notorious heartbreaker, uninterested in marriage until his father’s decree and a prophecy change the course of his life. One midnight, fate brings Jonathan and Tommy together and the sparks fly. Each is certainly not what the other craves in a partner, but they become partners nonetheless, and the underlying sexual tension is palpable. As they team to right wrongs, they soon discover they are right for one another. (AVON, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin