Image of It's All About the Duke: The Rakes of St. James


Image of It's All About the Duke: The Rakes of St. James

The Rakes of St. James trilogy comes to a charming conclusion as a cast of vibrant characters (including a dog who thinks he’s a pharaoh, an eccentric cousin, prehistoric eggs, a dashing hero and daring heroine) collide. Grey’s humor keeps the pace lively and the chemistry between the hero and heroine holds reader interest. Many will enjoy how the characters learn from their mistakes and grow as people to admire. Fun, fast and satisfying.

After years of doing his rakish best, the Duke of Rathburne is seeking redemption and in a weak moment accepts the guardianship of Miss Marlena Fast. He’s shocked to find the ugly duckling he knew has become a beautiful swan and there is no denying the instant attraction between them. Rath is determined to give Marlena a season and help her find a husband, even though he wants to seduce her. For the past three years, Marlena has been writing about the Rakes of St. James for a scandal sheet under the pseudonym Honora Truth. It is her way of getting revenge on the men who destroyed her friend’s reputation — now she has the worst of them as her unwanted guardian. With her cousin preening over Rath, a disastrous situation looming with a batch of prehistoric eggs, the publication of her book on how to recognize a rake and falling head over heels in love, Rath and Marlena are caught in a great deal of mayhem and madness until they realize that true love can overcome anything. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin