Image of Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink)


Image of Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink)

In her last Sea Haven novel, the amazing Feehan set up the bones of her next gritty, thrilling and darkly sexy series which features the members of an outlaw motorcycle club called Torpedo Ink. What is unusual about these club members is that they are childhood survivors of a Russian training facility for assassins. That shared background has caused them to form unbreakable bonds that unite them as a family who will do whatever is necessary to protect those they love. As Feehan’s fans know, she truly excels at giving readers characters whose demons are oh so close to the surface — which makes their fight to emotionally connect all the more gripping. Feehan is in a class by herself!

After their club leader Viktor Prakenskii reunited with his estranged wife adopted kidnapped children, Torpedo Ink decided to make the small town of Caspar their home base. It is close enough to Sea Haven, so Viktor can live with Blythe on the Sisters-of-the-Heart’s compound, but far enough to give the club members breathing room. Anya Rafferty is on the run and trying to stay invisible from those who might be hunting her. A job as a bartender in Caspar is perfect, except for the ominously dark looks she gets from Torpedo Ink member Reaper. Having worked for years to suppress his emotions, the fact the beautiful new bartender gets under his skin is unacceptable to Reaper … therefore she has to go. However, when danger comes calling all too close to Anya, Reaper realizes it may already be too late to drive her away! (BERKLEY, Feb., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith