Image of Knit Your Own Murder (A Needlecraft Mystery)


Image of Knit Your Own Murder (A Needlecraft Mystery)

This long running series continues to deliver with a solid mystery and a strong core of main characters, who continuously grow and evolve as the series continues. The story is expertly plotted with logical clues planted throughout, and the presence of several strong suspects ramps up the whodunit factor. Ferris always includes unique methods of murder and the manner of one victim’s death is very intriguing. The final outcome wraps up nicely and is quite fitting for the circumstances of the crimes. A knitting pattern is included!

The Monday Bunch decides to participate in a fund-raising activity to help the community restore a snack bar/restroom on Excelsior’s lakefront park. They are busy knitting animals and other items to be auctioned off for the charity. Meanwhile, three community members start a nasty bidding war to purchase property on Water Street — but when one is murdered in his home and another keels over dead at the charity auction event, all fingers point to Joe Mickels. Joe knows he’s the prime suspect so he enlists Betsy’s help to find the real killer. Can Betsy trust Joe? Betsy has a lot of clues to unravel before she can begin to stitch together the truth behind the murders. (BERKLEY, Aug., 304 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin