Romain shifts gears and delivers a delicious romantic mystery that includes several surprising twists. The truly likable characters and Romain’s wry sense of humor shine through and even as the pace slows in parts, readers will be engaged by the unconventional detective hero, as well as his charming family, sassy heroine and the unique plotting in the third book of the Royal Rewards series.

Lady Isabel Morrow and Bow Street Runner Callum Jenks met under unusual circumstances — over her husband’s dead body. Later they were involved in a short, heated affair that ended by mutual consent. Suddenly, Isabel finds herself caught in a sticky situation and only Callum can help her. Isabel has recently discovered her art dealer husband had been selling forgeries. She must exchange one of the fake paintings for its real counterpart or her reputation and that of her ward will be ruined. Though Callum is working on a case involving his brother’s murder he agrees to help Isabel. Caught up in the dangers of the heist allows their simmering passion to erupt. What was a friendship turns to passion, but there are shocking secrets that will test their love. (ZEBRA, May, 288 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin