Image of Laird of the Black Isle (Highland Heirs)


Image of Laird of the Black Isle (Highland Heirs)

Quinn has enthralled readers with her MacGregors: Highland Heirs saga. Now in book seven, she introduces her most tormented hero and a spirited heroine in a captive/captor romance her fans will relish. Filled with history and characters from previous novels, this addition to the series shines with lively dialogue, heated chemistry and a twist of plot that will delight every reader. To our delight, Quinn just keeps getting better and better.

Since the loss of his wife and daughter, Lachlan MacKenzie has kept to the darkness while hiding away in his castle. Then he learns his daughter is alive and that she will be returned if he kidnaps Mailie MacGregor and delivers her to the vile nobleman who desires her as his wife. Mailie does not take to being abducted and held hostage well. She is determined to make Lachlan’s life a living hell by turning his home and village upside down while planning her escape. But it’s not so easy when desire sparks between them and love blossoms. Somehow Mailie and Lachlan will find a way to foil their enemy and rescue his daughter. (FOREVER, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin