Image of Lake Silence (World of the Others, The)


Image of Lake Silence (World of the Others, The)

Although award-winning Bishop’s amazing new UF book is not about beloved characters Meg and Simon, it is thankfully still set in the world of the Others. Bishop moves the action and story to a tiny village adjacent to Lake Silence. The richness of the world that Bishop has created is truly impressive, and the perspective of the Others, including their view on humanity, makes these stories unique and unforgettable. While this reviewer is still hoping for additional Meg and Simon books, visiting Sproing and its fascinating inhabitants is also habit-forming! Bishop delivers again!

Vicki DeVine has been in Sproing for a little while working on restoring the rustic resort, The Jumble, that is her divorce settlement. However, Vicki didn’t realize how close she was living to the Others until her lodger, a teenage girl named Aggie, tries to microwave a human eyeball. Turns out Aggie Crowe is Crowgard and she found a dead body on the property. As Sproing no longer has its own police officers, highway patrol officer Wayne Grimshaw is drafted to check on the dead body. What he finds is that the mystery man was obviously killed by one of the Others. So why are the detectives from the Crime Investigative Unit trying to pin the death on Vicki? It seems that someone is most interested in Vicki’s new property and will try to take it by whatever means necessary. However, they have not factored in the Others’ wishes in this matter! (ACE, Mar., 416 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith