Image of The Last King (The Kings)


Image of The Last King (The Kings)

Beckett and Samara are a fantastic, modern couple. They clash in the boardroom and the bedroom, are total equals, and their bring-it-on spirit makes every interaction lively and exciting — whether clothes are on or off. Power games abound, but there is give-and-take on both sides. While The Last King launches straight into a familiar alpha billionaire trope, readers are soon treated to glimpses of a sweet, honorable hero who will battle to win, but would like nothing more than to de-escalate. Samara is a first-generation American-Indian woman and has plenty of family baggage herself. The heart of this romance is the development of trust between Beckett and Samara, and Robert expertly unfolds it, revealing the emotional connection on both sides under the flash and fire of their irresistible chemistry.

The King family is nothing if not dysfunctional. There is no love lost between Beckett King and his father, but together they dominated the Houston oil industry — no thanks to Beckett’s Aunt Lydia King, their biggest competitor. When his father dies unexpectedly, Beckett is prepared to step into the CEO role — and he’s also prepared for corporate warfare with his aunt. To make everything that much more complicated, he can’t keep his hands off Lydia’s right-hand woman, Samara, and it’s entirely mutual. But loyalties and principles are strained to the breaking point when the war takes a murderous turn. (FOREVER, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Nicola Onychuk