Image of The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls


Image of The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls

Spotswood describes her own novel best in the acknowledgements, where she says it started as, “Little Women meets Gilmore Girls by way of Sarah Dessen.” Readers will appreciate the addition of strong LGBTQIA themes throughout the novel. While the story itself is a classic coming-of-age tale (with the addition of summer romance), there’s something about Spotswood’s writing that feels like a warm mug of tea on a rainy day — familiar and cozy, but not at all boring or repetitive. Told from the four sisters’ alternating viewpoints, this is a perfect summer read for anywhere from the beach to a rainy afternoon.

After their parents were killed by a drunk driver, the four Garrett sisters were raised by their grandmother. Des is the responsible sister — running the family bookstore while Gram recovers from surgery, cooking dinner every night and generally taking care of everyone. Except herself. Des can’t imagine what life would be like if she put herself first … but she’s starting to think she wants to find out.
Bea and her boyfriend of five years have always planned to go to Georgetown together. But lately, Bea finds herself doubting the future she has so carefully mapped out for herself. But if she doesn’t want Georgetown with Eric, then what does she want?
Kat has always been the drama queen of the clan — sensitive, emotional and high strung. So when her boyfriend cheats on her, she and her co-lead in the community play hatch a plan to make their exes jealous. But what’s a drama queen to do when she finally wants to be taken seriously?
Vi knows she’s lucky. Her family has been completely accepting ever since she came out to them. Vi also knows her crush, the beautiful and popular Cece, has a boyfriend. But when Cece comes to the store looking for a book by Vi’s favorite author, Vi begins to wonder … what else could they have in common? (SOURCEBOOKS FIRE, Jun., 368 pp., $10.99, 13 & Up)

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Raven Nary