Image of Learning to Swear in America


Image of Learning to Swear in America

Yuri is not a typical teen character, which makes his perspective on his age and high school so fascinating to read. Although many of his impulses are the same as other adolescents, the stakes are higher. This book does not disappoint and is remarkably less predictable than this familiar setup could have been from a different author. Kennedy weaves an entertaining coming-of-age tale grounded in believable science jargon.

Perpetually underestimated in his field of study, Yuri Strelnikov is a 17-year-old renowned antimatter physics prodigy from Russia. He can’t easily relate to most high-school students, or adults for that matter. When an asteroid is on its way to decimate parts of North America, he is tasked with joining NASA to research ways to stop it in its tracks.On the way to rerouting the asteroid, Yuri meets Dovie and her brother Lennon, and they open him up to living for the present as he is trying his best to save their future. (BLOOMSBURY, Jul., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781619639096, HC, 13 & Up)

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Kirya Wasswa