Image of The Legend of Lyon Redmond: Pennyroyal Green Series


Image of The Legend of Lyon Redmond: Pennyroyal Green Series

Pennyroyal fans, rejoice: Lyon and Olivia’s story is finally here! Long has been working up to this novel for years, and it doesn’t disappoint. Her signature humor and sensuality are here, as is a high degree of sexual tension that nearly singes readers’ hands. The emotions are palpable, and though there has to be a happy ending, readers are sure to be surprised by the conclusion. What a brilliant, creative storyteller!

“She’s getting married” are the words that send Lyon Redmond rushing home to reclaim the heart of the woman he loved and left years ago, Olivia Eversea. Legend and song swirl around Olivia. After years of turning down suitors, she suddenly accepts a proposal, setting tongues wagging. Olivia is tired of waiting for Lyon to return home. She knew they were star-crossed from the start. But Lyon has his own ideas, and within days of her marriage, he comes back hoping to reclaim the woman he has never forgotten. He’ll do whatever he must, defy any and all who stand in his way, but it is Olivia whose trust he must gain and whose heart he must win. (AVON, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin