Image of The List (An Irresistible Novel)


Image of The List (An Irresistible Novel)

Calhoun’s work never fails to impress and engage, but this story is something special. From a heartbreaking, emotionally contentious opening, she crafts a love story that is irresistibly compelling, sensual and wholly, beautifully redemptive. She seduces with detail, making the simplest interaction something powerful and memorable, and allows readers to truly appreciate the motivations and fears of her main couple. As a result, characters who initially appear inaccessible become deeply complex, intellectual and wonderfully empathetic people who deserve the happiness they crave.

British ex-pat Matilda Davies is not only New York’s top stationery seller, but she is renowned as a flawless matchmaker with a unique gift for pairing the people on her list with the perfect partner — for an hour, or for a lifetime. But the dark memories of her childhood ensure that Matilda will never put herself on the list — even when Daniel saunters into her life and intrudes into her fantasies. FBI agent Daniel Logan has made a career out of playing by the book, but the moment he sees Tilda, he knows that he will risk everything, and break every rule, to prove that, together, they are perfect. (BERKLEY, Mar., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown