Older and Fox have assembled some superstar-powered stories in this fantasy anthology from writers of color about people of color; many of the authors listed are esteemed within and outside their genres. The stories, in general, do not disappoint. There’s an array of creative crafting represented here, in both traditional folk tales and more modern twists on some classics. Some of the stories are not quite of as high a caliber as others, but as always that can be a subjective experience for each reader.

Standout tales include Tananarive Due “Free Jim’s Mine,” a creepy story about a young slave, Lottie, and her Indian husband, William, running away from her master. They find that Lottie’s Uncle Jim may not be able to offer a safe haven. In Michael Janairo’s “Angela and the Scar,” young Angela awakens to find her mother missing from their nipa hut. She seeks the aid of the trickster Kapfre to find her amidst the smokes and scars created by an invading army of Yanquis. Clementine of Jamey Hatley’s “Collected Likenesses” discovers a legacy left by her grandmother, an old slave woman, sewn into garments and goods —- and Clementine may need to finish what she started. (CROSSED GENRES, May, 363 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs