Image of The Long Past: & Other Stories


Image of The Long Past: & Other Stories

It’s hard to assign a label to a collection of three stories that combine and subvert so many different genres at once. The worldbuilding found in this book is excellently executed, with 1800s industry, cowboys, mages and dinosaurs expertly woven in with issues of racism, sexism and homophobia. Each story is a snapshot into how the rifts have affected the livelihoods of a diverse group of characters, showing the true faces of the American spirit as each overcome hardship to succeed. The Long Past is a perfect blend of love and action — it’s refreshing to see LGBT couples not only kick ass together, but get their happily-ever-afters too. While the last two stories are shorter than the first, they never feel rushed — the only critique readers may have is that there needs to be more!

In 1858, warring mages have opened up a massive rip in time that sets loose a flood of water, and with it, dinosaurs, into the United States, creating an inland sea that splits an already divided nation. “The Long Past” starts in the heart of dinosaur country — Colorado Territory, 1864 — where Grover makes his living as a trapper. When veteran mage Lawrence, his old friend and lover, returns after being thought dead and asks Grover to assist him in changing the course of history, he can’t refuse. “The Hollow History of Professor Perfectus” starts in 1893 Chicago during the United Americas Exhibition, where wind mage Abril and her assistant Geula put on dazzling magical performances. The two hold secrets from each other, but all must come to bare as they take down one of the most powerful and immoral men in the world — Thomas Edison. “Get Lucky” follows Pinkerton detective Dalfon Elias as he hunts down a murderer and unfurls a network of lies — with Luc “Lucky” Spivey as an innocent bystander in the middle. (BLIND EYE, Oct., 228 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Alyssa Duspiva