Image of The Lost & Found


Image of The Lost & Found

Nothing about the plot of Leno’s second YA novel will shock readers, but in this case, predictability proves oddly comforting — even satisfying. Louis and Frannie
are surrounded by a small but likable cast of characters, and their individual journeys are significant but quite meaningful. There is some frustration, perhaps,
in that the purpose of the characters’ finding of objects is never really explained, but it is fairly easy to ignore such complaints.

Frannie and Louis are connected — by tragedy, by an online support group, by a propensity to lose things and by a need to make a trip to Austin, Texas. Although they have never met, they know all there is to know about each other, and as they get closer to their destinations — and each other — each begins to discover the things that had disappeared from the lives of the other. More importantly, however, will be the discoveries they will make about their own lives and relationships.
(Harperteen, Jul., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062231208, HC, 13 & Up

Reviewed by: 
Meghan Watts