Image of Love Songs & Other Lies: A Novel


Image of Love Songs & Other Lies: A Novel

There is much to love about this debut novel that sizzles with moments of high emotion and romantic chemistry. Switching perspectives between Cam and Vee, as well as the “then” and “now” time shifts, all has the potential to be a tricky narrative device, but the author executes it nicely. Sexual tension and repressed feelings are electrically palpable between Cam and Vee, and there is a good balance of sweet versus passionate moments. Setting the current timeline in a reality TV battle of the bands also adds unique dynamics that are further heightened by what the flashbacks reveal. Readers will completely fall in love with tragic hero Cam and his longing for Vee, though the love triangle subplot feels forced and unnecessary. In spite of that minor flaw, this is a captivating read and a great pick for fans of Morgan Matson and Emery Lord!

It’s been two years since Virginia “Vee” Miller last saw her first love, Cameron Fuller. She would have been fine going at least another two years after the intense heartbreak she hasn’t quite gotten over yet. But when her best friend, Logan, tricks her into joining his band for a reality TV competition tour, he also surprises her with the fact that Cam is the newest band member. Stuck on a tour bus, in close quarters, for who knows how long, could the two former lovers come passionately together or be driven bitterly apart? Cam keeps his secrets close, and Vee still isn’t really sure she knows him. What she does know is that she never quit loving him and, with him determined to win her back, her own secrets hang in the balance. (TOR TEEN, May, 288 pp., $17.99, 13 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend