Image of Lovely Wild


Image of Lovely Wild

Hart writes an enthralling page-turner about a woman pushed to the limits of human experience. The protagonist’s angst-filled search leads her to the darkest secret possible at the heart of her abusive childhood. With in-depth characterization and twisting plotlines, Hart’s writing grips the reader from the first page.

Raised by her grandmother in feral living conditions until she was 8, Mari Calder once longed for rescue by her “forest prince.” Now, she barely remembers her childhood, even though she is obsessed with maintaining an organized life for her husband and children and consumed by the need to hide food. When unexpected events necessitate returning to rural Pennsylvania, Mari is haunted by memories of her past and forced to face devastating truths. Mari will question all she knew before she discovers the strength to deal with people who would exploit her childhood trauma. (MIRA, Dec., 352 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Janice Carol