After 10 dazzling books, the dynamite Andrews’ team brings their fantastic Kate Daniels series to a close. From the opening line in the first book Magic Bites, readers were immediately thrust into a world like no other, centered around a wise-ass, determinedly solitary heroine who kicked butt with style and grit. The evolution of loner Kate to caring friend, wife and now mother has been truly amazing to watch. The slow burn love story between Kate and Curran, the Beast Lord, has been thrilling, funny and quite sexy. Still, the core of Kate’s existence has always been what to do about her god-like sorcerer father, Roland, whose burning ambition to remake society grows ever stronger. All the books have been leading to this final epic showdown, and no surprise, Andrews delivers on every front. This astonishing story is packed with all the action, humor and emotion a reader could ask for. Almost all of the beloved secondary characters are woven into the plot line which punches up the emotional quotient even further. Magic Triumphs is a triumph on every level and a book readers won’t soon forget! Andrews is truly a phenomenal storyteller!

It has been a little over a year since Kate gave birth to her son, Conlan, and thankfully during that time she and her father Roland have been existing under an uneasy truce. However, everything changes after Kate is contacted by a terribly agitated Teddy Jo (the Angel of Death), who wants to show her something. In a subdivision outside of Atlanta, the entire population has disappeared and what was left behind is a horrific liquid mess that is apparently all that remains of the people. Who did this and why? Kate quickly realizes that Roland is not to blame, which means someone or something else is. With the Witch Oracle seeing terrible visions of blood, fire and death, Kate learns that an ancient enemy who once nearly destroyed her family has returned. To survive this approaching Armageddon, Kate will need to utilize every ally and frenemy she has! (ACE, Sep., 352 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith