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Image of Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Novel (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Gabrielle is enjoying a tremendously blessed life in California, save for the death of her mother some years ago. The PR firm she owns with her bes... Read More

Image of Sorority

Margot is dead, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in her sorority has to stop living their own lives, right? Why should everything stop — and why... Read More

Image of The Ones We Choose

When geneticist Paige Robson made the decision to start her family alone, she intentionally selected an anonymous donor and left the rest in the pa... Read More

Image of The Optimist's Guide to Letting Go

Within the walls of Grilled G's Gourmet Food Truck, owner and eternal optimist Gina Zoberski feels in control of her world. When she steps outside,... Read More

Image of Rainy Day Friends: A Novel

Six months after her husband died, Lanie Jacobs takes a temporary job as a graphic designer at a family owned winery. The always private Lanie find... Read More

Image of The High Tide Club: A Novel

Elderly heiress Josephine Bettendorf Warrick has asked for lawyer Brooke Trappnall to come to Talisa Island to meet with her about a legal matter.... Read More

Image of Sailing Lessons: A Novel

Wrenn Bailey and her sisters, Shannon and Piper, have grown up with a fair-weather father, who has drifted in and out of their lives for years. Tha... Read More

Image of Limelight: A Novel

Substitute teacher Allison Brinkley and her family have just moved to New York City and they all must adjust to a smaller living space and the hust... Read More

Image of It Started in June

Grace Trumball is in her forties and independent. She was taught at an early age to hide her emotions. This sense of detachment serves her well in... Read More

Image of The Secret Ingredient for a Happy Marriage

When a crisis hits the O’Bannon family, they always turn to Nora for help. She’s the fixer, the one living the idyllic life, the caretaker. Yet whe... Read More

Image of Boardwalk Summer: A Novel

In 1940, Violet Harcourt longed to be a Hollywood actress, and she hoped winning a local beauty pageant would give her the “in” she needed. With th... Read More

Image of Carousel Beach: A Novel

Maya Brice is recovering from a crushing year; the same-day loss of her beloved grandmother and her own baby is still a black cloud of grief that h... Read More

Image of The Endless Beach: A Novel

When Flora MacKenzie moved back to Mure, she thought things would progress nicely with her relationship with Joel. Unfortunately, his job is no les... Read More

Image of Regrets Only: A Novel

Claire MacKenzie has a loving husband, a gorgeous new home and an adorable baby boy. Despite the fact that they’ve recently moved from her native C... Read More

Image of Matchmaking for Beginners: A Novel

Marnie MacGraw has dedicated herself to a single cause — getting the life she wants, even if that life is predictable and safe. Content with her pa... Read More

Image of Then She Was Gone: A Novel

Laurel’s daughter, Ellie, disappeared ten years ago, and she’s been trying to move on. However, new clues have surfaced that may shed light on the... Read More

Image of When Katie Met Cassidy

When Katie Daniels rushes into her morning meeting, she isn't expecting to be set off-kilter by her opponent, especially when said opponent is a st... Read More

Image of The High Season: A Novel

Ruthie Beamish loves her house by the sea — she’s counting on it to be her retirement nest egg. But in order to afford it, she has to give it up ev... Read More

Image of The Ever After: A Novel

Josie and Frank Moore have a strong marriage — or so Josie believes until the morning things change in a heartbeat. After realizing that Frank is h... Read More

Image of How to Walk Away: A Novel

Austin-native Margaret Jacobsen has it all at the ripe age of 27. She's on the cusp of landing a dream job as a business developer, she bought the... Read More

Image of Left: A Love Story

When the end of a vacation in Spain turns into a nightmare for Fay, she holds it against her husband. She married Judge Paul Agarra when she was in... Read More

Image of Heads of the Colored People: Stories

This collection of short stories illustrates the pain and anguish that plagues the black community, both externally and internally. It’s telling th... Read More

Image of Us Against You: A Novel (Beartown)

The past winter rocked Beartown to the bones. Now summer is here, and the Beartown hockey club is being shut down. The best players have left to pl... Read More

Image of The Secret to Southern Charm (The Peachtree Bluff Series)
Sloane’s military husband has gone missing in action, and she is paralyzed with fear and worry. Her mother, Ansley, has to watch her children bec... Read More

What should have been a dreamy wedding weekend in Nantucket quickly transforms into a nightmare when the body of the maid of honor is discovered in... Read More

Image of The Family Gathering (Sullivan's Crossing)
Former Army Ranger Dakota (Cody) Jones is back in Sullivan’s Crossing with his siblings, Sierra and Cal. Cody is not sure what he wants to do, bu... Read More
Image of Lost For Words: This bookshop keeps many secrets

Loveday Cardew has always preferred books to people. She knows what to expect from them, and she can use them to suit her needs, withdrawing into t... Read More

Image of Sweet Vengeance
Tessa Jamison has served 10 years in prison for the murder of her ten-year-old daughters, Poppy and Piper, and her husband, Joel. When a new law... Read More
Image of Dreams of Falling

Twenty-seven-year-old Larkin Lanier knows whoever penned the phrase “you can’t go home again” had her in mind. She’s kept her visits to her dysfunc... Read More

Image of Sophia of Silicon Valley: A Novel
As the new right-hand woman for an eccentric software company CEO, Sophia Young is trying to navigate her way around Silicon Valley. While trying... Read More
Image of Beach House Reunion (The Beach House)

Cara Rutledge returns to her beach home on Isle of Palms to confront the painful memories of her past. It will be here where she will finally opt t... Read More

Image of Family and Other Catastrophes
Emily Glass is a neurotic mess due to her childhood — her therapist mother diagnosed everyone in the family, and now her siblings are just as mes... Read More
Image of And All the Phases of the Moon

Aila Cordeiro’s life on Cape Cod has been quiet since she tragically lost her beloved husband and father to a boating accident two years ago. She o... Read More

Image of Just in Time
Not fitting in to their local grief support group, Nan, Monica and Grace become an unlikely trio whose friendship couldn’t be closer. Nan is a wi... Read More
Image of The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses): A Novel

After a lifetime of indulgence and excess, writer Alfonse Carducci has arrived at the Bar Harbor Home for the Elderly, a haven for elderly writers.... Read More

Image of Not That I Could Tell: A Novel
A Saturday night spent indulging in wine and girl talk around the fire turns sinister come Monday morning when Clara discovers that her close fri... Read More
Image of They Come in All Colors: A Novel

Fifteen-year-old Huey Fairchild has had a hard time transitioning from a small southern Georgia town to the big city. In the past seven years, he’s... Read More

Image of If We Had Known
English professor Maggie Daley fills her time pushing students out of their comfort zones by sharing their lives on paper. When a fatal shooting... Read More
Image of Lighthouse Beach: A Novel

Lillo Gray, in her borrowed dress and borrowed clunker-van, feels out of place at her friend Jessica’s society wedding at Kennebunkport’s fanciest... Read More

Image of Mornings on Main: A Small-Town Texas Novel
Jillian James never stays in one place for too long, having been taught the ways of the nomad by her father — the man who raised her and then aba... Read More
Image of The Storm: A Novel

The Storm is made up of interconnected stories spanning 60 years of Bangladeshi history. Shahryar is the primary character, one desperate to find a... Read More

Macy Sorensen’s life may not be all that exciting, but it’s stable. Her pediatrics residency is fulfilling, and her future looks secure with her... Read More
Image of Passion of the Streets

Jamil “Milli” Rock and Gia Ellis are as different as night and day. She comes from a privileged family and has Olympic aspirations, while he is a d... Read More

Image of Other People's Houses
Driving the carpool doesn’t just mean that you get to observe your neighbor’s kids. It also means you get to observe your neighbors. And Frances... Read More
Image of Best Beach Ever (Ten Beach Road Series)

In book six of the Ten Beach Road series, Maddie, Nikki, Avery and Kyra are preparing to meet the new owner of the Bella Flora, a gorgeous mansion... Read More

Image of Welcome to Moonlight Harbor (A Moonlight Harbor Novel)
For her 40th birthday, Jenna Jones got a divorce she didn’t want, complete with spousal support she can’t afford to pay. She also got an invitati... Read More
Image of A Nantucket Wedding: A Novel

Alison is about to be married to the love of her life, David. As they prepare for the wedding, things should be perfect, but they are discovering t... Read More

Image of Go Ask Fannie
Murray Blaire is happy to have his three adult children, Ruth, Lizzie and George, all under one roof. Controlling Ruth nags her father about livi... Read More
Image of The Husband Hour

Four years after her husband, Rory Kincaid, died in Iraq, Laura Adelman is still keeping her distance from the media, her family and anyone who wan... Read More

Image of As You Wish (A Summerhouse Novel)

Olivia and Kit wasted a lot of years that could have been spent together, but somehow life took them down a different path. Now in their 60s, they’... Read More