Image of The Man in the Black Suit


Image of The Man in the Black Suit

It’s time to be transported to a world where culture, tradition and romance collide. Sylvain Reynard has created a captivating setting where mystery and love weave a pattern of disaster. Nicholas Cassirer may very well be a modern-day Robin Hood; he steals artwork only to return them to their rightful owners. Sizzling hot yet still tender, The Man in the Black Suit is coming, and if he has his usual wicked way, he won’t be wearing anything for much longer!

A friendly quarrel with affluent guest Nick Cassirer ignites a ripple effect and Acacia Santos loses her job as a hotel concierge. Nick who checks into the Hotel Victoire in Paris under different names every few months, and after Acacia is fired, Nicholas insists she should be his personal assistant. She resists him at first — he’s the reason she was fired in the first place — but debts and the possibility of deportation are looming over her head. What other option does she have but to help Nicholas conduct his master puppet show? Nicholas inevitably presents Acacia with opportunities she only ever dreamed of, and soon Nicholas’s motives are exposed and Acacia's own secrets surface. They’re survivors of their pasts, yet the past has one more heist in store for these two. (ARGYLE PRESS, Dec., 404 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
India Caedmon