Image of Masks: The Masks of Aygrima: Book One


Image of Masks: The Masks of Aygrima: Book One

Masks grabs the reader’s attention on the first page and holds it until the last. The world Blake creates is involving and creative, yet simple enough that the reader can enjoy it without struggling to understand its nuances. The central conflict only serves to draw the audience further into Blake’s world, presenting vivid and understandable problems for the characters — and readers will be as shocked as they are when yet another unforeseen plot twist rears its head. The characters are complex and relatable and grow throughout the story, and the storyline itself is fresh and never predictable. Masks is simply impossible to put down and will leave readers begging for the last two books in the trilogy.

Mara Holdfast, daughter of the Master Maskmaker, is awaiting her own Masking ceremony where she will receive her mask and become an adult citizen of Aygrima and her father’s apprentice. However, on the day of her Masking, her Mask refuses her and she is sent away to the horrible prison mines where all unMasked go. But before she can make it there, she is kidnapped by the unMasked army. Mara is crucial to the army’s plan to overthrow the Autarch, but Mara has more magical power than she or the army ever imagined, and the unMasked army isn’t the only group who needs that power. Mara is forced to decide whose side she is on and what kind of person she will become. (DAW, Nov., 304 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck