Image of The Memory of You


Image of The Memory of You

West is masterful at creating true-to-life family drama that all readers can identify with. Multidimensional characters have realistic struggles that resonate, especially when it comes to facing the past and learning to move forward. Tanner and Natalie's relationship develops naturally and not predictably. Some heavy topics — such as PTSD, end of life dilemmas and child custody decisions — are handled with grace and thoughtfulness. The faith journeys of the characters always shine through, even in the darker moments of questioning.

Natalie Mitchell's twin sister died many years ago while the two were visiting their grandparents' winery in California. Now an adult and working for her father, Natalie returns to see if the winery can be saved or if it is losing so much money that it should be shut down. Tanner Collins is the vintner, and also happens to be Natalie's old friend. He doesn't trust that she has the winery's best interests at heart, but he's also dealing with many personal issues of his own. Natalie and Tanner clash at first, but soon come to understand that in order to move on toward a successful future, each one needs to face the past, even if that means heartache along the way. (THOMAS NELSON, Mar., 320 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel