Image of Merchant of Alyss (Legends of the Realm)


Image of Merchant of Alyss (Legends of the Realm)

This second Legends of the Realm book is a mystical journey reminiscent of Middle Earth. Full of mystery and magic, with characters both known from the previous story and new to this one, the reader is drawn into this fascinating world and, in the end, left eager to see what will happen when the journey continues in the next book.

Ancient Milantian scrolls have been found that only Hyam can read. This sets Hyam, along with his wife Joelle, the earl’s niece Shona, and Captain of the Guards Meda, on a quest to find more of these mystical scrolls. Led by Hyam’s dreams of a dragon who speaks to him, the quest leads this diverse group through life-threatening danger, heart-rending loss and fantastic discoveries of creatures and places only known to them through myth and legend. (REVELL, Jan., 384 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley