Kendra Elliot goes from strength to strength in her Mercy Kilpatrick stories, and this fourth installment is a gripping, twisty and complex narrative that will have fans rapt. Mercy and her close circle have developed individually and together into rich and empathetic characters, and their personal conflicts and concern drive this story. Although the shifting narrative perspective is somewhat jarring, it serves its purpose well and ultimately contributes to what is easily the most daring and successful book in this impressive series. New readers would do well to enjoy this series from the beginning in order to truly understand the developments in this story.

When torrential rains uncover the remains of five bodies, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick is instantly reminded of a case involving the decades-old murder of two local families — a case that was closed with a conviction. But with only one survivor of those original murders, who insists she cannot remember the events of that fateful night, Mercy and her boyfriend, police chief Truman Daly, are left to their own devices to discover if they are dealing with a copycat killer, or a murderer who is still at work in rural Oregon. (MONTLAKE, Jun., 350 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown