Image of Mercury Retrograde: A Dark Alchemy Novel


Image of Mercury Retrograde: A Dark Alchemy Novel

Petra’s adventures in a magic-choked version of Yellowstone continue to balance nicely with a sense of fun, well-done and subtle worldbuilding and characterization, plus some serious stakes. The ramifications of Dark Alchemy are definitely felt — and in fact there are some interesting consequences readers might not have seen coming — and our protagonist is competent, resourceful and tough without becoming unrealistically formidable. The series feels like it’s building splendidly, and there’s certainly room for expansion.

Petra Dee has finally found her father — but he’s catatonic in a nursing home. And she’s finally made a connection with the mysterious Gabe, but since he’s been kept alive for hundreds of years by an alchemical tree, he appears to have lost all memory of her. She’s defeated the alchemist who held Temperance in his grasp, but his magical mercury is still on the loose, and his old pet has emerged from the depths of the earth. Petra might still be able to get things under control, even with monster hunters, government agents and a possibly magical biker gang all complicating matters. (HARPERCOLLINS.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ian Mathers