Image of Midnight Target (A Killer Instincts Novel)


Image of Midnight Target (A Killer Instincts Novel)

Kennedy wowed readers when she kicked off her amazing Killer Instincts series seven books ago, and in this final chapter in the series, she doesn’t let up — giving fans the two love stories they were waiting for. Liam Macgregor and Sullivan Port have denied their passion for years, but now circumstances bring them back together. Being super-soldier Jim Morgan’s recently discovered daughter changed Cate’s life, but having her heart broken by David “Ash” Ashton drove her away. Uber-talented Kennedy has become a major voice in RS by providing thrilling, edgy and unforgettable stories. Kudos and thanks!

Four years ago, Cate’s life changed when she met and learned about her father, Jim Morgan. However, his overprotectiveness drove her nuts, and when her heart was broken by Ash, Cate backed away. Dropping out of college, Cate now works as a freelance photographer. Taking a picture of the wrong person at the wrong time puts Cate in extreme danger. Jim, realizing his daughter is in severe jeopardy, launches a rescue mission, only to be critically wounded in the process. Now it is all hands on deck as past and present members of Morgan’s teams assemble to get revenge. Liam and Sully have spent years apart, never facing the true emotions between them, but now, forced together by circumstances, they can no longer hide. (BERKLEY, Apr., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith