Image of A Million Different Ways (A Horn Novel Book 1)


Image of A Million Different Ways (A Horn Novel Book 1)

Sexy, intriguing, suspenseful and heartwarming, A Million Different Ways will grab hold of readers’ emotions and leave them wanting more. Sebastian is a broody, swoon-worthy alpha male, and Vera is a beautiful, courageous heroine. These two characters will pull at your heartstrings in this emotional and dangerous tale.

Vera Sava is an Albanian medical student trying to get a residency at a hospital in Switzerland. A series of events leave her desperate to survive, so she accepts a housecleaning position for one of the country’s wealthiest men, Sebastian Horn. Since losing his wife in a tragic car accident, Sebastian relies on drugs and booze to survive the pain in his heart—and from his injuries. Even though they are from entirely different worlds, the connection they have with each other is stronger than they have ever felt before. However, someone wants Sebastian dead, and Vera’s past could destroy Sebastian’s family’s corporation. (P. Dangelico, Mar. ’15, 450 pp., $2.99)

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C Lane