Image of Misadventures with My Roommate (Misadventures Book 9)


Image of Misadventures with My Roommate (Misadventures Book 9)

Elizabeth Hayley surprises and delights with this fast-paced, passionate contemporary romance that tugs at the heartstrings. Readers who enjoy substance with a bit more skin will absolutely relish Misadventures With My Roommate. Blake and Gavin demonstrate a depth and complexity frequently lost when paired with intense and more explicit intimacy. The author spares no detail in unraveling their hopes, fears and innermost secrets, evolving her characters in dimension that far outreaches the scorching hot passion of the bedroom.

Blake Monroe is an eccentric bartender who always says what’s on her mind. The first day at her new part-time job at The Coffee Bean, Blake notices her coworker Gavin Gibson, a part-time photographer working as a barista to make ends meet. When her boss suggests shadowing Gavin for additional on-the-job training, Blake is more than happy to comply. Before long the two develop a playful friendship that has Blake wanting more. Conveniently she has a chance to get closer when Gavin finds himself in need of a place to live and she happens to have an empty bedroom for lease. She invites Gavin to move in but not before laying down a major ground rule: no attachments. As their simple flirtation escalates to intense passion, each misadventure brings them closer together, and despite their best efforts to maintain their distance, sometimes love and life have other plans. (WATERHOUSE PRESS, Apr., 179 pp., $12.99)

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Janette Derucki