Image of Miss Marianne's Disgrace (Scandal and Disgrace)


Image of Miss Marianne's Disgrace (Scandal and Disgrace)

In this nicely written love story, Lee brings together a music-loving heroine and an ex Naval surgeon-turned author, both of whom are beset by their private demons. She infuses her novel with a fine overview of the power of music along with the trials and tribulations of the written word, intelligent characters, sensuality and compassion.

Sir Warren Stevens, a well-known author, finds himself in a conundrum. Though a book is due, his writing has hit a dry spell. That will all change when he meets Marianne Domville at a dinner party. Though the Napoleon War is long over, Warren, an ex Naval surgeon, cannot put his demons of the war to rest. They all come back as he prepares himself to stitch up the cut on the gentle woman’s arm. Marianne lives a quiet life with Lady Ellington and finds joy and peace in her music compositions and the pianoforte. Warren finds that Marianne’s beautiful music gives him the inspiration he needs to finally overcome his mental block. Soon their partnership evolves. Will the discovery of the love they have for each other help them to let go of their pasts? (HARLEQUIN, Aug., 288 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond