Sinclair’s Seven Brides for Seven McTiernays has been a delight, and The Most Eligible Highlander In Scotland does not disappoint. In the seventh volume, humor combines with romance, and the roller coaster ride to love will sweep readers into a fast paced, charming and rollicking love story. Some readers will find this book the best of all seven, because so many characters from previous tales are an integral part of this latest installment. Everyone will savor the humorous repartee and verbal sparring along with a plot that includes more than one romance. Plenty of action, meddling matchmakers and bothersome relatives conspiring to bring what appears to be an ill-suited couple together. As one couple finds their HEA, it seems others have a story coming that will keep readers interested.

Conan McTiernay has only one goal: to map his clan’s territory. He has no time or use for a wife, but when asked to bring a young woman and her collection of books safely out of a convent, he cannot refuse. Mhàiri Mayboill refuses to either marry or take vows — but with her father away, she has little choice … until Conan arrives. Conan finds Mhàiri far too bold to be enticing, but he is fascinated by her techniques for creating realistic drawings; techniques he can use in his cartography. Mhàiri finds Conan too handsome and far too arrogant, but with some encouragement from his family they begin a game of wits and wiles that ends in a heated kiss. Their verbal battles strike sparks and soon it is difficult to deny their love — but their destiny is uncertain until Mhàiri’s father returns. (ZEBRA, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin