While a long book isn’t always a turnoff, unfortunately for Must Love Babies, the length of this novel is overkill. There are many points of repetition that could have easily been shaved from the book. Despite the length, the story moves with a natural flow, but this might have to do with the fact that some of the situations are predictable. Each character is fully developed and the author beautifully describes each setting which creates a lush experience for readers.

Molly Stiles has a compact list and timeline for all of the goals she wants to accomplish. She promised herself she would take this time in her life to focus on her bridal shop — a relationship is just not on her agenda. Brant Wylder swoops in and sets his eyes on the ambitious Molly and while he tries not to push her too hard, he can't seem to stay away from her. He has issues of his own, and after his sister is in an accident, he drops everything to be a guardian for his infant nephew. Once he realizes that Molly’s list is a result of trust issues, he has to decide if Molly is worth the wait. But when a man like Brant has her in his sights and a baby in his arms, will she be able to say no? (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner