Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Book Reviews

The murder of a paralegal just blocks from Kendra’s condo is the first indicator she has of how dangerous the case she is about to be drawn into is... Read More

Food columnist Hayley is excited when famous TV personality and cookbook author, Penelope Janice, invites her to her house to participate in her an... Read More

Image of The Angel Makers (A Constance Piper Mystery)

Flower seller Constance Piper has learned firsthand the evil that hides in London’s many shadows. But, guided by the spirit of her late teacher and... Read More

The May Mothers are a group of women from Brooklyn whose babies were born in the same month. They share advice, trips to the park and an occasional... Read More

Daisy and her Aunt Iris are busy handling Daisy’s Tea Garden and gearing up for a quilt lover’s weekend sure to attract tourists. Daisy’s best frie... Read More

She’s trained for this. She’s ready. Posing as his daughter, she convinces Carl Louis Feldman’s group home to let him go with her on a vacation, to... Read More

Finn and Layla are taking a road trip in France. They pull into a rest area at night where Finn goes in to use the facilities; when he comes out, L... Read More

Image of Murder in the Locked Library (A Book Retreat Mystery)

Jane Steward is glad school is back in session for her twin boys, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, as they were starting to get on her last nerve. Now she... Read More

Image of Crime & Punctuation (Deadly Edits)

Retired English teacher Mikki Lincoln decides to purchase her childhood home in the Catskills in hopes of starting over after the death of her husb... Read More

Charlie Marder is not your average Congressman. He was thrust into politics because of his family’s ties and after the mysterious death of his pred... Read More

Image of Broken Places (A Chicago Mystery)

Cass Raines is a retired Chicago detective who lives with a healthy dose of skepticism. She resigned after she was shot during an operation that in... Read More

Lonely, bored, stay-at-home mom Leah feels trapped in her solitary world living in a half-completed housing development. She has only one set of ne... Read More

After staging her own death while helping her “father” and his new family escape those wanting to capture and kill him, Bianca has been hoping that... Read More

Joanna Langley is summoned home to the English countryside after her father’s passing. While clearing out her father’s residence, she finds a retur... Read More

Jana Berzelius is the lead prosecutor on a case concerning patients being murdered in the local hospital. Because she is also harboring a fugitive... Read More

Eve, Joe Quinn and Michael’s lives are about to take a dangerous turn, as a killer is determined to force Eve to play his game. Watching from the s... Read More

Sidney Ryan has only made a few documentaries, but she’s been able to free more than one unfairly convicted prisoner, so it’s no surprise that plen... Read More

With every link former FBI Agent Jane forges in her quest to take down the architects of the conspiracy to destroy free will and program society to... Read More

Louise knows somehow that she will mess up her relationship with Lavinia — it is only a matter of time. But in the meantime she will enjoy the fact... Read More

Gemma finally has her life together. She owns her own company and has a loving husband and son. While her marriage isn't perfect, she loves her hus... Read More

Image of Murder in Greenwich Village (A Louise Faulk Mystery)

Twenty-year-old Louise Faulk dreamed of escaping Altoona, Pennsylvania, for the bright lights of New York City and thanks to her Aunt Irene, an aut... Read More

When college football star Dawson Alexander becomes a suspect in the murder of his ex, his friend/landlord rushes to his rescue. Ex-teacher, aspiri... Read More

Image of A Study in Treason: A Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mystery (The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries)

In order for Joanna, Dr. John Watson, Jr., and Dr. John Watson, Sr. to start proceeding with their case, they have to sign a document to keep their... Read More

McKenna Rhodes grew up on her father’s salvage ship, the Gale Force, groomed to take the reins upon his retirement. But his death on the sea caused... Read More

Image of A Sharp Solitude: A Novel of Suspense (Glacier Mystery Series)

FBI agent Ali Paige is stunned when her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her daughter), Reeve Landon, calls to tell her he’s been arrested and asks... Read More

When Lilly Long receives a letter from her friend Nora Nash, she learns that Nora was lured to Fort Worth under the pretense of being a mail-order... Read More

Image of Bought the Farm (Farmer's Daughter Mystery)

Shelby’s friend Kelly is getting married at Love Blossom Farm, and Shelby’s fixed up the property for the big day. While the ceremony (mostly) goes... Read More

Brandy Borne’s mama Vivian has done it again. This time, she’s decided to run for county sheriff. She wrangles Brandy into being her campaign manag... Read More

When a traumatic car accident lands Addie in the ER, she can’t shake the feeling that everyone is hiding something from her. Her adoptive mother, C... Read More

Bardot has unearthed another body and under the watchful eye of the neighborhood spy and her cop nephew, Halsey and the Rose Avenue Wine Club take... Read More

Image of See Her Run (Aloa Snow)

Aloa Snow is a former well-known investigative reporter who made a mistake when her mom was dying in the hospital; now she can not find a job to sa... Read More

Image of How It Happened

An FBI interrogator and expert in confessions, Rob Barrett has been brought back to his Maine hometown — a town full of illegal drugs and dark memo... Read More

Image of The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Hal Westaway is broke and trying to find a way out of her increasing debt and danger to the local loan shark. When she mistakenly receives a letter... Read More

Lucas Davenport, now a federal marshal, has crossed paths in the past with a serial killer, Taryn Grant. He couldn’t prove she killed three people.... Read More

Image of Bear Witness to Murder (A Teddy Bear Mystery)

Silver Hollow is gearing up for “Oktobear Fest” with local artists, business owners and the community all embracing the teddy bear theme. As manage... Read More

In an attempt to clear her name of murder, Abrianna Parker finds herself in a convoluted mess of kidnapping, conspiracy and murder. The highest pow... Read More

A young woman’s body is found in the dark and desolate Maine woods. There are indications she gave birth shortly before her death, but there are no... Read More

Dawn and Reese are at the end of their rope. Their money is gambled away, their cards are maxed out, their home is being foreclosed and they are ba... Read More

Image of Hawke's War (A Sonny Hawke Thriller)

When four hikers are ambushed in Big Bend National Park, Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke arrives to track down the killer who is still at large in the vas... Read More

Roxane Weary has a new client named Arthur who believes his fiancé, Marin Strasser, is having an affair. He wants Roxane to nail her to the wall fo... Read More

Image of Find You in the Dark: A Novel

Having made his fortune in technology, Martin Reese has devoted himself to locating and digging up murder victims that the police have failed to fi... Read More

Sherry Frazzelle loves entering amateur cooking contests. She is excited about being in a local contest hosted by an organic food company. When it... Read More

Image of The Word Is Murder: A Novel

Diana Cowper, mother to a famous actor, walks into a funeral parlor to plan her own funeral. Six hours later, Diana is found murdered in her home.... Read More

Daphne Marist is hardly the first woman to struggle with motherhood. After all, her Westchester support group is full of well-coiffed moms with $70... Read More

When a meth-cooking neighbor is killed in a suspicious fire, Sheriff Wayne Thompson brings dreamwalker Baxley into the investigation to see if she... Read More

In 1448 Romania, Vlad Dracul sent his twin half-brothers away before a final fateful battle. Alexandru and Andrei were feared and hated by most bec... Read More

Kellen Adams’ life has been anything but ordinary. One of the scariest and most unusual aspects is that she sustained a gunshot wound to the head s... Read More

A shocking triple murder in Manhattan's Diamond District sees Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs quickly investigating the scene. Strangely, the murd... Read More
Image of Charmed Bones: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery

Sarah Booth Delaney receives a call to attend a school board meeting, as the Wiccan sisters who recently moved to town plan to open a Wiccan school... Read More

After leaving her deadbeat husband who was cheating on her, Britta Johnston heads to Aunt Elin’s floral boutique in Portland, Oregon. The boutiqu... Read More