Image of Mystic: The Mystic Trilogy #1


Image of Mystic: The Mystic Trilogy #1

I enjoyed sharing the adventures with Pomella, and the twists and turns in the plot kept this reader on her toes. However, while I love the characters and Pomella’s exploits are exciting, I would have liked to see more about the Mystics and how the power develops. Pomella has spunk and courage, and sweet Sim is loyal to a fault. It’s hard not to fall into this story.

Pomella is the daughter of a peasant who has high hopes of changing her life. She knows that she’s different, but can’t figure out why — until she is invited to participate in the Trials to become the apprentice to the High Mystic of Moth. She has to prove that she has what it takes, but to do that, she’ll have to complete all of the trials, while racing to stop a plot to kill the High Mystic. (TOR, Nov., 304 pp., $25.99)   

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Reviewed by: 
V. Walker